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If you're here, you more than likely know who I am. If you've been brought here by curiosity, then prepare to empty your wallets along with your pride and dignity.


To say that you'll leave this site with an addiction to me is an understatement. So get on your knees, little man. Get ready to be left spent, used and abused...because with me it's NEVER enough!

Before you go any further, bitchboy...let's establish some rules.


1. The #1 rule is, IT’S NEVER ENOUGH. This rule works both ways. You can never get enough of Me, your Goddess, and I can never get enough of your wallet.


2. You will address me as Goddess (Goddess Bunny works too), Miss Bunny, or (of course) Bratty Bunny.


3. I am superior to you in every way possible. You are here for ME and Me ONLY.


4. You will always show me respect, trust, and honesty.




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If you break any of these simple rules, you'll find yourself permanently banned from any and all forms of communication with me.

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